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Website Design & Redesign
Email Marketing

You tried to figure out Squarespace yourself because you were told it would be easy…

We like to say it IS easy AFTER your site is set up correctly.

We’ll reconstruct your site to be strategic and look professional,

AND we’ll teach you what you need to know to use it via live screenshare.



easy flow of info + ux

your site should instantly show potential clients what you do well & how you can help them.



personality + business culture

a well thought out site with branding that is unique to your business.


validate what you do

A strategic site instantly shows your credibility with historic wins, and references, to close leads.

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Today, the recipe for local business growth starts with a mobile-friendly website, local search, Search Engine Optimization, and other digital marketing tools. 


Nice to meet you!
Designing out of Chesapeake Beach, Maryland, USA

We focus on the two things we do best: 
Squarespace site development and scaling through email marketing + funnels.

We take on 1-2 clients a month, giving the attention to the smallest design details and funnel making focus. We understand small business and therefore design beautiful sites with a strategic purpose, to enable you to grow. 

All of our projects have a one month deadline. We give 100% of us to you in that month, which cultivates a quick, seamless process.

We want your site to be an experience and your funnels to scale. For a business that takes you from making sales to making abundantly more sales, or from side gig to full time gig


I was struggling with my site by myself - Squarespace is a beautiful platform and easy-to-use...but I do believe that initially, the help of an expert is required! Liz got everything laid out beautifully and was super-patient with all of my changes and also with my novice questions. Best of all, her screen share call left me feeling quite confident with regard to managing my site by myself. Liz gets it - she knows what businesses need and understands how to go about creating it. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending her.



 “Bloom is a dream to work with! A very reliable resource. A Squarespace expert, Bloom is highly communicative, and saves me hours and hours of aggravation with her deep knowledge and understanding of the Squarespace content management system.”



“Bloom patiently explained everything at every step in a way that I could understand. There are so many aspects of Squarespace for a business and Bloom knows them all. If you want to develop your first website or improve your existing business presence online, I Highly recommend Bloom.”