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Some websites have changed since initial launch, as we do not typically provide ongoing design management.
(if we did, then we didn’t do our job)
Screenprinting and Embroidery Shop in Southern California
Coach and Speaker
Freelancer resource and job board site

Special Event Planning in Nashville

Dog training and breeding facility in Nashville.

Design, Manage, Build services in Northern California
New app in need of clean landing page.
MMA training gym in the UK
Triathalon Club in Edmonton, Canada
Non-profit website with donation accepting ability.

South Carolina Event and Wedding planner.

Redesign of homepage to a dynamic homepage.

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Sobe + Shefali
Wedding Website
Coach, Speaker and Podcast Host

B2B Marketing
Wedding venue in Hawaii

Digital Alchemy Solutions
Web Based B2B business



I was struggling with my site by myself - Squarespace is a beautiful platform and easy-to-use...but I do believe that initially, the help of an expert is required! Liz got everything laid out beautifully and was super-patient with all of my changes and also with my novice questions. Best of all, her screen share call left me feeling quite confident with regard to managing my site by myself. Liz gets it - she knows what businesses need and understands how to go about creating it. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending her. Thanks Liz!

Monica | monicaink

Elizabeth was wonderful to work with because she is such an amazing communicator. We texted and called throughout the entire process and she helped turn my site into the elegant and effective concept that I had dreamed about. Her turn-around time was truly impeccable. She was able to re-design and build the majority of my site in under 2 weeks. I hope that you are able to experience her professionalism, her creative eye, and her ability to turn your vision into a reality.

Elizabeth is a dream to work with ! I have dozens of projects going concurrently, and she is always a reliable resource. A squarespace expert, she is highly communicative, and saves me hours and hours of aggravation with her deep knowledge and understanding of the squarespace content management system.


Elizabeth was great to work with. She quickly pointed out that the way I was wanting to set up my Squarespace site was not the most efficient, and I was grateful for that advice and her creation of a new plan. She worked quickly--it was I who dragged the project on longer than anticipated because of other obligations that got in the way. But Elizabeth stayed helpful and patient throughout the whole process. I would highly recommend Elizabeth.

"I enjoyed working with Bloom, they were very patient with me and was easy to work with. I love my site and it reflects what I wanted and communicated to them. I totally recommend Bloom."


I had been overwhelmed trying to build my business website first on WordPress and then on Squarespace. I knew what my vision was but I had a hard time executing it. Bloom was a game changer! I told her what I wanted, sent her some links to stuff I loved and she flew with it! She listened to me as a client and went above and beyond!


I was absolutely impressed from start to finish! Communication was prompt, the new website was built fast, and every single nit picky thing I wanted changed was changed was and to my exact liking. Would HIGHLY recommend to anyone needed a website built or revised!


Elizabeth was phenomenal to work with, in every aspect and every step of the process. I could tell she genuinely wanted me to enjoy the product we were creating and she was interested in my feedback. She was very responsive and timely. She is very knowledgeable. I will definitely use her services in the future and recommend others to her.


Bloom was easy to work with and gave me a great product that I'm excited to use!


I needed an ascetically pleasing Squarespace page, this designer went above and beyond!


I wanted to get my web pages cleaned up and presentable. I wanted a facebook business with a contest. Bloom did all that. There were few new things I learned in the process as well.


I needed assistance with my Squarespace site. Bloom responded quickly, addressed the concerns, and provided reasonable solutions.


Bloom works very fast and has a good sense of how to lay out content in a logical and flowing way. Asked several times what else she could do for me. Easy to talk to. Constant and clear communication. Highly recommend!


Bloom built the Edmonton Triathlon Club a brand new website to replace our dated site. We had a "friend of a friend" working on it for almost a year with no results. She had it done in a week. She is professional, provides high quality work, allows collaboration, and was fast at getting the work done.


Elizabeth is a true squarespace expert. Our agency made the decision to skip the confusion often found when clients don't seem to know what they want in a design. We simply selected a Squarespace template, and asked Elizabeth to execute against that. She delivered in a timely, professional manner, with no questions asked about our lack of desire to design anything original.


Elizabeth did a great job designing a basic squarespace site for my new business and designing a logo and email announcement. She was very responsive to my feedback and quickly turned around requests for revisions, etc. I would definitely hire her again in the future!


"I needed assistance with my Squarespace site. Bloom responded quickly, addressed the concerns, and provided reasonable solutions."


Bloom patiently explained everything at every step in a way that I could understand. There are so many aspects of squarespace for a business and Bloom knows them all. If you want to develop your first website or improve your existing business presence online, I Highly recommend Bloom.


Working with Bloom was an amazing experience with an outstanding result. She is an excellent listener and communicator and she was able to transform our conversations discussing my vision into a stunning site - I have been getting so many rave reviews! I highly recommended her - she is so bright and fun!


She was very good at communicating what she needed and was also flexible with me and my site.
I would absolutely work with her again and I highly recommend her to anyone who has a clear vision for their site and their content ready to go.


I enjoyed working with toast10, she was very patient with me and was easy to work with. I love my site and it reflects what I wanted and communicated to toast10. I totally recommend this seller.


An incredible experience! I am a very happy customer who received exactly what I asked for and more! A huge thank you to you are a very talented, experienced and high-end service orientated! Two thumbs up and high five!!


Bloom is smart, responsive and does beautiful work.


Simply an extraordinary experience! Was totally pleased with the results!


Very fast, great communicator, efficient and by and large it was a great experience working with Bloom. Bloom is talented.


Great to work with. Delivered on time and the level of communication with excellent.


Bloom was so wonderful to work with - extremely timely, excellent communication, and delivered exactly what I had in mind. When I had some edits she made them within minutes - really above and beyond. I will absolutely be working with her with future projects.


Wonderful skills, GREAT taste, fast, and with brilliant ideas. I liked absolutely everything Bloom suggested.