Squarespace Updates Tuesday November 21

The updates you need to know for your site from Squarespace this week.


Use the Ad Tracker tool in the Marketing panel to create unique URLs that are tracked individually in the Traffic Sources panel. These links show how many times visitors clicked through to the page, and any revenue generated during their visit. This is useful for measuring the success of specific ad campaigns all from your Squarespace site, without relying on third-party link shortening services. 

This feature is available in the Website Business, Commerce Basic, and Commerce Advanced plans.


Traffic alerts are now available in Traffic Overview on desktop, following the release on the iOS app in October. With traffic alerts, you'll see notes in the Traffic Overview graph for spikes or dips in traffic, and insights into what caused them. For example, it can detect if you get a significant bump in traffic from a Facebook post. 

This feature uses a machine learning technology called “anomaly detection” to identify statistically significant changes. It will improve over time as it collects data. This feature is available on Business Plans and above and will be coming to the Android app soon.