Squarespace Wordpress Comparison

Ease of Use

Just the fact that you can design in Squarespace without any code, and STILL have a beautiful, dynamic and responsive mobile site alone was what made me make the switch originally. This is why I tell every client who is considering using SS to go for it, the ease of maintaining your site and the confidence in managing your site is huge. You won’t have to hire a developer everytime you need an edit, and you won’t have to teach yourself to code.


So many built in features allow you to run and manage your page without searching for apps, plugins and extra softwares. Email campaign, Image gallery, forms, content blocks, text, SEO, analytics tracking are available without needing to leave the platform for additional help.

On WordPress all plugins are created by different parties, searching for the right plugin, then installing, and managing. You are left with a site that takes a team of plugins to make it function leaving you to manage each one and update each as they need updating.


With 24/7 support (knowledgable support at that) and an online database of common questions and answers (that are actually helpful and straightforward) you can find any answer you are looking for if you are stuck with editing your site. Live chat is with real people and they are super nice too. With Wordpress you are left to fend for yourself or hire someone to help.


Squarespace has really developed into a robust platform that competes with the top plugins and site hosting platforms. The updates are automatic, you don’t have to do anything. And the awesome part is, they continually develop new functions and features. The latest addition is the email campaign capabilities that reflect the style of your site in your emails, just awesome design wise.

Wordpress plugins need constant updating since they are from different sources. Security can be an issue too. You will be constantly checking back in with the plugins to see if they need updating.

KnowledgeElizabeth Bastos