The Secret to INSTANT Trust In One Web Page

You have 5 seconds to capture someone’s attention on your website before they bounce.

Does your website have what it takes?

Its not enough just to have a website anymore, did you set yourself up for scaling?

A business website is always the exciting “launch” of a new business, a much needed business rebrand, or a new direction of strategy. It’s exciting, its monumental and the anticipation of results are worth all the time and dedication.

All of our time, problem solving, and marketing ideas are displayed in our online presence. It’s how we showcase our business and more importantly, how we will show how we will solve our customer’s problem(s). 

When we take that a step further and think about the strategy and content behind that foundation, we as business owners, need to focus on three main elements in order to set us up for conversion and scaling success:

Know, like and trust.

Its the reason why we make emotional purchases based upon connection to a company/product. Its the reasons we look at Yelp and Google reviews for validation. Everyday we make purchases based upon these three elements.

The fundamental reason we lay that foundation with a website as our platform for scaling, is to grow that know/like/trust in our businesses to continue convert our customers.

I have built 100’s of sites for all kinds of industries, niches, and companies, and all have the same common denominator in their sites to quickly build the know/like/trust in their audience.

The other common denominator is that you have just a few seconds to capture a person’s interest on your site before they bounce...

We’ve all been on sites that aren’t clear, don’t provide useful information and the same questions we ask of the sites we visit, we should make sure ours checks out too:

Is your message clear when they land?
Are you visually stimulating?
Is there a clear headline that describes what you do and why?
Is there a call to action to at the very least get them on your email list?
Is there a meaningful flow down the page that isn’t choppy or jump around?
Does the flow through the page make sense and compel the audience to read more on other pages or even just make it down the page?

That is why I developed the Dynamic Homepage.

This type of homepage touches on the core elements of your site into almost like a summary of sections as someone scrolls through your homepage. Its enough to tap into what you do and why and how, INSTANTLY, so that the reader is inclined to read more, learn more, and buy more.

This homepage is something that is consistent among many of the well designed and developed sites you visit on a day to day bases.

These elements are drawn from the pages in your site with the objective that once scrolled through, the audience will know exactly what you do and why, and how you help them solve a problem.

An example of a complete Dynamic Homepage would be something like these sections:

  • Banner image/video with objective statement and call to action button.

  • Another objective statement or two with compelling reasons to scroll, emotional ties, a truth or impactful statement.

  • Testimonial/Social Proof (text, logos, images, screenshots of social media reviews)

  • 1-2 sentences about the company or founder wtih action to read more

  • Email opt in

  • Product introduction (3-4 items) or summary of services

*There are some outlier components for certain industries like social media feeds blog articles, but the meat of the sections are the same.

I attribute so much of my early freelancing success to this concept. Every one of my introduction emails to a lead was 100% responded to, and 90% booked my services.

Every small business needs this foundation to set their business up for success. It’s also a wonderful content tool to generate ideas for what is needed in a complete website.

If you aren’t seeing the conversion you want or even the click through to important pages based off the analytics of your audience's behavior, it might be time to incorporate more of these important content sections into your homepage and test it!