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Stay organized & stress free with a custom wedding website.


Beautifully designed and one of a kind.

Just like your love story.

We know you have enough planning to do, a custom wedding website will be more than a website.

reflect your love story & help eliminate the stress of planning

It's for the hands off & hands free, leave no detail out wedding site experience.

keep you ORGANIZED

Save yourself the headache and time and don't keep track of RSVP's the old way, track digitally and efficiently

make planning STREAMLINED

Give your guests ALL the information they need in one place so they aren't calling you for help while you're just trying to enjoy the last months of planning


That tells your story, shares your engagement photos and makes you

the bride who makes all the other brides jealous.


Seriously, take it from a wedding planner. 

Save your sanity & yourself the stress and discover how a website will aide in your wedding planning.

A streamlined website with a purpose can save you so many headaches!

Don't just make a website to make one, and don't just create a free one and think "it's good enough because I don't have the time to figure it out," or "making a site myself is intimidating."

we are experts. With a passion for design. We're ready to work with you.

This is a letter of extraordinary recommendation for Elizabeth Bastos. Words cannot describe how thankful I am to have had Elizabeth as a part of our wedding planning and wedding day. She was a joy to work with, generous, organized and cheerful throughout the entire process and our wedding day went off without a hitch! She is professional, selfless, and just an overall delight. She has a heart for helping others and genuinely wants to share in your joyous day. I wholeheartedly recommend Elizabeth without hesitation, as I know with her help you will have nothing but special memories of your wedding day… the way you always dreamt it would be!
— happy bride | brina

Elements of a well put together website.


Showcase those stunning engagement photos.


Tell your story.


Keep everyone informed (and yourself stress-free).




introduce your wedding party.



Share things to do, things planned, and bring everyone together.


a place for your registry.


and RSVP's.